COVID-19 Info and Update

A note from Ted Baylis, President:


Challenges have always been part of sailing and boating. Shifting winds, varying weather patterns, waves and currents all create challenges, but we learn how to work with them.

And now comes another huge challenge, the coronavirus; the potential illness it brings is certainly changing our world in the near term. Nothing matters compared to the health and wellbeing of our families, our friends, and our community. Here at PBCB we are committed to taking every possible care to do our part to keep this virus in check, stop its spread, and get us back to some level of normalcy as quickly as possible.

PBCB is also being challenged in a number of ways. Some programs will need to be cancelled or rescheduled and others may need restructuring. Our staff has reduced their hours as much as possible to save money, and we are also working with our supporters, collaborators and vendors to address other operational and financial challenges. However, it is very encouraging to see everyone cooperating, working together and supporting each other. We really are all in this together.

The PBCB campus may be closed right now, but we continue to prepare for the summer season. We are working from home, having virtual meetings, contacting seasonal staff, preparing materials and equipment for programs, and adjusting to the challenges as necessary.

We pray that the worst will be behind us soon and the tragedies will have ended. By June or July we hope that self-isolation and social distancing will be a memory, and while we may need to adapt to new ideas on social interaction, the opportunity to get out of the house and on to the water with family & friends may be just what the doctor ordered!

So, while we are heartbroken about the current conditions, we are optimistic about the future, and we are continuing to get ready for summer. This newsletter will update you on some of the things we have been doing. In the meantime, we know that we will weather this storm; we look forward to seeing everyone out on the water and to helping the community to recover from this challenge and move on to the better days that undoubtedly lie ahead.

PBCB is taking precautionary safety measures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and suspending all organized programs, meetings and Speaker Series, and closing our buildings until April 30. The staff is working remotely and will receive emails and telephone calls during business hours.

We will likely reschedule our June Sailabration Gala and will announce the new date.

Still planning for the summer season, knowing that being outdoors and on the water in a sailboat will be one of the healthiest places you can pass the time this summer! When the coast is clear for all of us to go outside and recreate again, PBCB will be ready.