Waterfront Boat Repair Volunteers and other items needed this spring

I’ve been working on our fleet of motorboats this winter, but soon the weather will break (April) and we will need to get on to boat preparation. This will require re-varnishing tillers for Flying Scots and rudders and centerboards on Sunfish; prepping and bottom-painting all Flying Scots and motorboats; and splicing mooring pennants. Many sunfish hulls need attention. So there is lots that can be done but all weather dependent.

What else can we use?

  • We need 6 additional 100 lbs. mooring anchors with tackle.  This would be 6 @$400 each or $2400
  • 4 – 24” life rings with heaving line for motorboats
  • 6 sets of boat flares @ $36 per four or $216 total
  • 6 boat fire extinguishers @ $25 each or $150 total
  • 10 Jibsheet: 5/16″, 30′ @ $17/ea or $165 total
  • 6 mainsails at $399 each or $2,394 total
  • 4 Marine Fuel Water Separator Kits including fuel line and primer bulb @$50 ea. or $200 total

If you would like to donate toward any of these items above, please click the donate button on our Home Page and type “waterfront” in the note field.  We appreciate your support!

Let’s look forward to a great season and getting back on the water!

Tom Leach, Waterfront