Once a family camp, our campus is becoming a gathering place for your family, too!

Pleasant Bay Community Boating purchased the 3.6-acre campus from the Edward F. McClennen family, who has owned the property since the early 1900s. Four dwellings and a boathouse are arrayed on the site, and their brief history follows:

Three Towns (Future Center for Pleasant Bay)

The second oldest home on the bay, this dwelling was so named as the three towns of Orleans, Brewster and Harwich actually converge on this site. In 1889, Barley Field built a small summer cottage on this bare Pleasant Bay bluff, overlooking the Bay. The Edward F. McClennen family first rented the cottage (1903-1906), and purchased it in 1908, later calling it “Three Towns.” Over the years, the home was expanded upon to assume its current configuration. PBCB plans to renovate the building for use by itself and allied organizations, who share our mission of studying and protecting Pleasant Bay.


Built in 1915, it was added on to in 1929 and again in 1947. The boathouse stored generations of McClennen family boats from Bay Birds to Mercurys, Whistlers, Beetle Cats, Day Sailers, Sunfish, Lasers, Windsurfers, Optimists, paddle boards and numerous row boats of varying sizes and shapes. The white “X” on a blue background on the boathouse doors represents the nautical flag “M” for McClennen which, coincidentally, matches the PBCB burgee! This is the base of sailing operations and houses PBCB’s current fleet, which includes 12 Flying Scots, 3 Catboats, 3 Boston Whalers, 420s, Sunfish, Lasers and various canoes, kayaks and sailboard equipment. The beach area to the left of the dock is reserved for PBCB visitors and spectators.

The Hillside Center and Topside (formerly Knollenberg Cottage and Studio)

Located in Harwich at PBCB’s main entrance, this structure was built in 1928 as a three-car garage and a one-room playhouse upstairs. It was later converted to a year-round home in the 1980’s, with a guest room added on the upper slope. This dwelling currently houses our office and is the base of PBCB operations for our small and hardworking office staff. PBCB completed renovations of this structure in 2018 in partnership with the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School with the support of many local companies who donated materials, labor and resources. The building will serve, first, as office space for PBCB staff and, later, as the future Marine Science and Education Center.

South Cottage

Built in 1934 and located in the southernmost portion of the site in Harwich, this dwelling was expanded in the late ’30s and used as a summer cottage for the McClennen family. South Cottage is currently rented to individuals and families as part of our Residential Membership Program,  which provides much-needed revenue, while enabling visitors to “stay and learn” on our working campus.

Square Top (Future Boating Center)

Built in 1941 and named for the home’s shape, the house was modernized over the years, and is also available for rental and the accompanying residential membership. In the future, this facility will serve as the center of onshore boating programs and instruction.