Accessible boating for all

A pillar of PBCB’s mission is providing ‘Access to All’ to the recreational, educational, and therapeutic benefits of boating on Pleasant Bay. PBCB is able to accommodate individuals or groups with limited access to sailing due to physical or cognitive challenges.

Thanks to the generosity of our loyal donors, construction is complete at PBCB’s waterfront. Our new ADA accessible dock and adjacent curbside drop-off area ensure easy access to the water. These upgrades enable individuals with physical disabilities, including those that use wheelchairs, to safely move from their vehicle to a sailboat or kayak.

Our new dock features a kayak launcher, which provides increased stability while boarding a kayak, and a hoyer-style lift to help those with limited mobility board sailboats. Our launch has been equipped with stable handrails and bench seating, ensuring a comfortable ride for all. We have a kayak with outriggers for added stability and additional attachments that provide support and help the paddler to stay in the seat. We also have a modified Flying Scot with added handholds, a transom bench to help with transferring sides, and a modified tiller. We’re eager to learn and improve, so we’re entirely open to making modifications would help you to sail or paddle more successfully.

PBCB will also be hosting its second three-day US Sailing Adaptive Sailing Endorsement for certified Level 1 Instructors in June 2022. This course covers all aspects of creating and managing an adaptive sailing program and will allow our adaptive program staff to gain valuable insight about making our program as accessible as it can be.

All of these additions to our facilities will make it possible for PBCB to effectively expand its adaptive sailing and kayaking programs. We aim to provide safe and enjoyable lessons to anybody who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience these exciting water sports.

To inquire about lessons, please reach out to Mike Trovato. We will find the right fit for you, whether it be scheduling a private lesson or providing accommodations within a group lesson. We welcome sailors of all ages and skill levels.