We provide affordable, quality sailing and boating instruction, as well as marine education, for all. Providing Open Access to Recreation on Local Waters Access to the water is declining due to the scarcity and cost of real estate, as well as crowded and expensive marinas and mooring fields. Our campus provides alternative access that is open to the community and visitors. Providing Convenient and Affordable Boating Opportunities To own and maintain or rent a boat is expensive. We provide all the resources necessary to get people out on the water. Providing Quality and Affordable Instruction The availability of quality instruction can be a limiting factor. Our programs are inclusive, as they provide affordable, quality sailing, boating instruction, and marine education for all. Providing Education and Outreach In addition to educational programs, which include boating, marine education, and environmental stewardship opportunities for all ages, we provide a wide variety of programs to those with special needs. PLEASANT BA Y C O M MUNITY BOATI N G ChartingOurCourse TheCapital Campaign for Pleasant Bay Community Boating PBCB 2017 Individuals Served: Students: Community Outreach Participants: Total Classes: 2,067 1,017 534 3,798 Pleasant Bay Community Boating believes that everyone should have access to the Bay. Healthy, life-enhancing recreational and environmental water-related activities should be accessible and affordable. PBCB is dedicated to serving all members of the community regardless of financial, physical, developmental, and cognitive abilities, as well as underserved families and at-risk youth.