Teaching independence and having fun on Pleasant Bay

2022 Registration begins in December!

Our weekly programs will begin on June 20th and end on August 19th.

*No youth programs on July 4th…program prices will reflect the shortened week*

Youth sailing lessons are the heart of our program.   We provide a fun environment in which to learn wind direction, maneuver a boat, take ownership over decisions, and become a leader on the water.   Our sailing program is built on skills progression, so it is essential that you enroll your child in the appropriate level their current age and abilities.  Your child must have reached the minimum age for enrollment by start date of their program.  

All youth programs will involve a daily “chalk talk” followed by hands-on sailing experience, as weather permits. In the event of high winds, heavy fog, or thunderstorms, lessons will be held on shore or using boats tied to the dock. On these days, kids will learn age-appropriate skills including rigging, knot tying, sailing vocabulary, navigation, and rules of the road. We are not able to give refunds for on shore lesson days, or days that your child is unable to attend.

Questions about the best level for your sailor? We’re here to help! Email us at info@pbcb.cc.


Level 1: Beginner

Beginner courses follow the US Sailing SkillUp program with the goal of completing the Beginner curriculum.

Youth Flying Scots
9:30 – 12:00 PM, M-F (Ages 6+)

Beginners will learn basic skills in Flying Scots with a small group of students and an instructor in the boat. Topics covered will include safety on the water, reading wind, parts of the boat and sail, Flying Scot rigging, mooring procedures, steering and trimming, tacking, and jibing. Students will learn to control the boat as a team, at which point they may be ready for our Intermediate courses. This class involves up to one full day of shore school, cumulatively.

Teen Flying Scots
1 – 3:30 PM, M-F (Ages 12+)

This course mirrors the youth Flying Scot course above but is designed for teens ages 12+. This is a wonderful opportunity for your teen to sail with peers and progress at an age-appropriate speed. This class involves up to one full day of shore school, cumulatively.


Level 2: Intermediate

Intermediate courses follow the US Sailing SkillUp program with the goal of reviewing the Beginner curriculum and completing the Intermediate curriculum.

9:30 AM – 12:00 PM, M-F (Ages 8+)

Sailors will become more confident and independent through working in pairs to rig and control their Sunfish. This course covers sailing a course, capsize drills, getting out of irons, points of sail, and safety position. Sailors should already be comfortable with the skills covered in our Beginner course. Our instructors will supervise and teach from powerboats. This class involves up to one full day of shore school, cumulatively.

1 – 3:30 PM, TTh (Ages 8+)

Sailors will control their single-handed boat independently and should be comfortable with capsize recovery, tacking and jibing, and getting out of irons. Sailors will expand on their abilities and gain independence on the water.  These sessions will teach steering a course, rules of the road, and fleet racing with the goal of learning basic team racing. Our instructors will supervise and teach from powerboats. These little single-handed boats can comfortably fit kids under ~5’5″ and 120 lbs.


Level 3: Advanced

In order to be successful in these courses, students should already be comfortable with the topics covered in our Beginner and Intermediate classes.

Kids Messing About in Boats (KMAB)
1 – 3:30 PM, MWF (Ages 10+)

Independent skippers that are already confident rigging and sailing a Sunfish with a partner will enjoy this adventure sailing class. Students will have the opportunity sail both solo and in pairs with guidance from our instructors in power boats. The fleet will play games, go on scavenger hunts, and race around courses. Students will fine tune their skills while completing tasks and adventures.

Biweekly, 1 – 3:30 PM, TTh (Ages 12+)

This course is for experienced and ambitious teen skippers who are already competent single-handing a Sunfish. Sailors should be able to control a boat confidently, capsize safely, and handle a breeze of 12 knots or more. Students in this course will practice racing techniques, learn to roll tack, and use their bodyweight and sail trim to steer.