Partner With Us

PBCB offers a number of ways for companies to meet marketing, philanthropic, employee engagement, and client hospitality objectives. We are proud to partner with leading companies in all industries including finance, law, manufacturing, entertainment, insurance, accounting, consulting, building—and everything in between. To find out how your company can partner with PBCB, please contact us at 508-945-7245.

Our mission is to make boating, marine education and environmental stewardship affordable and accessible for all.

History: 2003–Present

In 2003, PBCB began by operating out of a pick-up truck on a Pleasant Bay public beach. In 2014, we acquired waterfront property on the Bay that included a dock, a boathouse, four buildings, and 750 feet of beach frontage. Since then, we have expanded our mission to include marine education and environmental stewardship and are able to deliver a wide variety of programs.

What We Do

PBCB Provides:

  • Recreational, educational, and social activities for all regardless of financial, physical, or developmental abilities
  • Access to Pleasant Bay because public boating programs in our area are limited
  • Opportunities for adults and children to participate in affordable programs that provide healthy, outdoor recreation and constructive educational activities that build self-reliance, leadership, teamwork and confidence
  • Universal access to boating, marine education, and environmental stewardship programs for people with disabilities

PBCB: By the Numbers

  • 3.76 Acres of Waterfront Campus
  • 60 Boats – sailboats, sailboards, kayaks, canoes, safety boats
  • 75 Volunteers
  • 1,047 Members
  • 5 Year-Round Staff
  • 40 Youth & Seasonal Jobs

2019 Impact:

  • 50 Programs
  • 603 Classes
  • 4,292 Educational Experiences
  • 587 Individuals Served by Community Outreach Programs
  • 35% of Operating Budget supports Community Outreach & Financial Assistance

Why Partner with PBCB

Sponsorship will increase your company’s exposure on Cape Cod while helping us meet our expanded goals.

Your investment in PBCB will allow us to successfully deliver on our mission to make boating, marine education, and environmental stewardship affordable and accessible to all.

Our partnership with you, our business sponsors, will provide you with an enhanced presence among our constituents and the greater Cape Cod community; an added menu of benefits for you to extend to your employees and their families; and a new means for you to share a truly unique Cape Cod experience with your customers and constituents.

Whether you view this opportunity as a way to support your community, enhance the lives of your valued employees or clients, or to strengthen your business relationships, it is truly a partnership that continues to share the uniqueness and beauty of Pleasant Bay with those around you.

Your business sponsorship will help ensure that PBCB provides unique opportunities that strengthen the fabric of our community and enrich the quality of life for all of us.

2021 PBCB Partner Benefits