Sailboat and Kayak Reservations

All boat renters are subject to a skills check to ensure safety.

Skills checks can be scheduled for an evening or pre-agreed upon time.

The rental period is 2.5 hours.  For best pricing on boat rentals use the:

Community Card


Rental Office:  phone: 508-367-7099  email:

Read the Rental Rules and Sign the Waiver before you come:   RULES AND WAIVER


Rentals available for visitors:

Monday-Friday 1-3:30PM and 4:30-7PM / Saturday 9:30AM-12, 1-3:30PM / Sunday 1-3:30PM

Kayak: $40  Kayak All Day: $75

Sunfish, Laser, 420: $55 



Rentals available for Community Card holders:

Only Community Card holders have access to the Flying Scots and Catboats.  For unlimited access to the Bay and our core and beach fleets, purchase a Community Card!



Rent a Sunfish


Rent a 420


Rent a Laser


Rent a Kayak


Reserve a Flying Scot


Reserve a Catboat


Catboat Rentals will be cancelled if wind exceeds 15mph. If winds are 10-15, you need to know how to reef!

Check the following weather sources before you plan your arrival: Willy Weather, Windy, NOAA, PBCB website