Sailboat and Kayak Reservations

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Boat Rentals

All boat renters are subject to a skills check to ensure safety.

Skills checks can be scheduled for an evening or pre-agreed upon time.

Skills check and membership are mandatory for rentals of Flying Scots and Catboats (our larger boats).

The rental period is 2.5 hours.  The best pricing with boat rentals is the PBCB Boat Rental Card. 

This gives members access to boats for the full season. Reservation is on-line.  Please plan to make your reservations 24 hours in advance.  

Rental Office:  phone: 508-367-7099  email:

Read the Rental Rules and Sign the Waiver before you come:   RULES AND WAIVER


Rentals available for visitors:

Sunfish: $45  Monday-Friday 4:30-7PM / Saturday 9:30AM-12, 1-4PM / Sunday 1-4PM

Kayak: $30



Rentals available for members:

Small Boat (Sunfish, 420, Laser) – $45  Monday-Friday 4:30-7PM / Saturday 9:30AM-12 and 1-4PM/ Sunday 1-4PM

Large Boat (Flying Scot, Catboat) – $75 Available to members only  Monday-Friday 1-4PM, 4:30-7PM/ Saturday 9:30AM-12 / Sunday 1-4PM

Kayak – $30 

Boat Rental Card / $450 per season. 

Offered only to PBCB members, our Boat Rental card is available for unlimited in-season access to boats, based on boat availability.

Participation in Friday Friendly Racing and BBQ 

Members can skipper a boat if advanced or crew on a boat if intermediate in an informal, friendly race series from 4:30pm-7pm.  Bring your own food for BBQ, grill provided. Learn to race or practice your race skills.Participation in Flotilla Day:

Members and their families can skipper a boat or crew / community event/ friends gathering in a fleet of PBCB boats.

Rent a Sunfish


Rent a 420


Rent a Laser


Rent a Kayak


Buy a Boat Card


Reserve a Flying Scot


Reserve a Catboat


Catboat Rentals will be cancelled if wind exceeds 15mph. If winds are 10-15, you need to know how to reef!

Check the following weather sources before you plan your arrival: Willy Weather, Windy, NOAA, PBCB website


Read the Rental Rules and Sign the Waiver before you come:   RULES AND WAIVER


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