The water is a classroom for lifelong learning.

Getting out on the water is lots of fun – but it’s also much more than that. It’s a place where kids work as part of a team to harness the wind, find out about themselves, learn about science, and become stewards of the bay and coastal ecosystems.

All lessons at Pleasant Bay Community Boating are taught by attentive, well-trained instructors who focus on safety, education, and enjoyment at every session. Young students can choose from a variety of programs that vary based on age, skill and interest level, and include sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, and more!

Youth Sailing ages 8-17

Youth Sailing lessons are the heart of our boating program. Scheduled seven times per week, this is our most popular offering. They are designed for both beginners, who learn basic skills in Flying Scots in groups of 2-4 students with an instructor, and intermediates who will learn more advanced skills in Flying Scots, and always have an instructor in the boat with them. Students will be separated by ability at the beginning of each class. (Monday through Friday 9:30am-noon; Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-4pm. $25/class)

Adventure Sailing ages 12-18

For intermediate and above skill levels, this class introduces students to the wider world of sailing and produces knowledgeable all-around boaters. Taught in Flying Scots and other boats, classes include advanced sailing, seamanship, navigation, fun marine science activities and more. (Monday & Friday 1:30-4pm. $25/class).

STEM-to-Stern: Pleasant Bay Explorers ages 11-17

Grades 5 – 9
Monday or Friday 9:30 – 12:00
Cost: $30
Stay the day! Students are encouraged to sign up for Adventure sailing in the afternoon! Discover the connections between sailing and marine science. This class provides hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to young boaters by making powerful connections between sailing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. The morning class is conducted in the old boathouse, on the beach, in rowboats and sailboats, and is taught by U.S. Sailing REACH-trained instructors. Lessons vary each day. The focus will be on the wind above, the water below, and everything on the boat in between. Students will have fun while learning powerful lessons in earth science, physics, engineering, geometry, chemistry, ocean science and mathematics. “Stay the Day” students spend the afternoons sailing and connecting the morning lessons to sailing. Students bring a bag lunch. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes required.
Limit 12 students

420 Sailing ages 12-18

This class uses the double-handed high-performance and versatile 420 sailboat to teach advanced sailing and racing techniques. Students in this class should be at an intermediate skill level. (Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-4pm. $30/class).

Parent/Child Sailing ages 6-17

PBCB offers parent/child classes in Flying Scots. (Monday-Thursday 5:30-7:30pm (starting August 1, 5:00-7:00) and Saturday 9:30am-12. $55/class).

Recreational Sailing ages 12-17

Experienced sailors who are comfortable and capable operating a sailboat without an instructor can take out a Sunfish. (Monday-Friday 1:30-4pm. $10).

Recreational Kayaking ages 12-17

Youth members can enjoy a paddle in Pleasant Bay. (Monday-Friday 9:30am-12 and 1:30-4pm. $15).

Muddy Creek Explorers ages 11-17

Grades 5 – 11
Tuesdays (high tide) 6/25 1-4, 7/10 11-2, 7/24 12-3, 8/7 10-1, 8/21 10-1
Cost: $30
Come explore, get your hands dirty, and be part of an exciting marine restoration project where you’ll be collecting and analyzing data! The Muddy Creek Restoration Project is a multi-year engineering project to restore tidal flow into the Muddy Creek wetlands near Jackknife Cove, vastly improving the marine health and navigability of the area. Bridge reconstruction was completed in May 2016 and in the last two years the water quality has greatly improved. We’ll explore the area in canoes and kayaks, conduct water quality analysis using professional equipment, observe shellfish, birds and plant life populations while having fun on the water. Students will gain technical skills used by the Pleasant Bay Alliance “Water Watcher’s” Program. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes required.
Limit 10 students

Windsurfing Clinic

Contact our Registrar for more details.

Friday Friendly Racing

PBCB runs a series of short informal and friendly races for individuals and families on Friday evenings throughout the summer. Race participants should have some sailing experience and be comfortable and capable in a sailboat. Come practice your skills on the race course and meet new friends at a BYO cookout following the races. And come for the cookout, even if you don’t want to race! (Friday 5-7:30pm. $10/individual. Children under 12 are FREE!