Our Facility

There is no power for change greater than a
community discovering what it cares about.

Become a full time boater without the expensive hassle of owning your own boat!  Or make PBCB your waterfront home away from home! Take a step towards that dream of learning to sail or advance your skills to the next level! Whatever your reasons for joining, you will find your place in our highly rated community.  Enjoy unlimited access to a stunning waterfront, go sailing every day, engage with our staff, instructors, members, and visitors, and relive the nostalgia of Pleasant Bay’s historic sailing camps.

With benefits such as waterfront access, community-oriented events, access to boat rentals, and our highly acclaimed sailing and marine education programs, our campus grants individuals and families access to unforgettable adventures on the water.

Our answer is this: we are a community-based, non-profit organization run by a dedicated staff and caring volunteers who seek to grant universal access to all.  And it’s true; our doors are open to everyone.