As you may have heard, the Friends of Pleasant Bay recently saw a need for and has undertaken the fund-raising and construction of a 35’ floating classroom to increase instructional access to Pleasant Bay.

The Friends ordered the boat in early October, for delivery in March! The vessel is a 35’ shallow-draft pontoon boat with a 12’ beam, a mostly-covered platform, roll-down walls for inclement weather, and a capacity of at least 30 students (see attachment for plan view). It will have a center lab table and equipment storage for on-board instructional and research activities.

The Friends will give the vessel to Pleasant Bay Community Boating (PBCB), who will take responsibility for it. Staffed with a licensed captain and mate, and Coast Guard certified, it should be available for your use, we anticipate, in late spring. In addition, we plan to offer teacher training classes in the Fall of 2018.

Representatives of the Floating Classroom Program Committee has members from the Friends, PBCB, Marconi, and the Monomoy and Nauset school systems.