We’ve got things covered from STEM to stern!

Muddy Creek Explorers

Ages 10-15
Dates: 7/1, 7/11, 7/16, 7/31, 8/14, 8/28
Cost: Non Member $50/class  Member $35/class

Come and explore! This class is for young Scientists who like wet feet and muddy knees!  Be part of an exciting marine restoration project where you’ll be collecting and analyzing data about a newly restored wetland system! The Muddy Creek Restoration Project was carried out to restore tidal flow into the Muddy Creek wetlands near Jackknife Cove, improving the marine health and navigability of the area. Bridge reconstruction was completed in May 2016, and in the last two years, the water quality has greatly improved. We’ll explore the area in canoes and kayaks, conduct water quality analysis using professional equipment, observe shellfish, birds and plant life populations, while having fun on the water. Students will gain technical skills used by the Pleasant Bay Alliance “Water Watcher’s” Program. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes

Discover the Science of Sailing– All Day Fridays

In this day-long program, students will discover the connections between sailing and marine science. This class provides hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to young boaters by making powerful connections between sailing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  The class will be in the old boathouse, in sailboats, on the beach, in rowboats, and kayaks, and is taught by U.S. Sailing REACH-trained instructors. While the lessons will be different each day, the focus will be on the wind above, the water below, and everything on the boat in between. Students will have fun while learning about earth science, physics, engineering, geometry, chemistry, ocean science and mathematics, but in ways you never heard of or learned about in school. Afternoons will spent with a sailing instructor onboard a Flying Scott and connect the morning lessons to time out on the water. Students bring a bag lunch. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes required.
Age: 8-14
When: Fri, 9 – 4PM

Limit: 12 students

Cost: Non Member $90/day  Member $75/day

See the STEM class in action!

US. Sailing STEM overview:
How to use a Secchi Disk
How to measure “apparent” wind
STEM night (fun with sailing and science)
Marine Debris and measuring current

Muddy Creek Restoration Kayak / Canoe Tours

Family, 10 years & up
Cost: $30
Wednesday 2 hour trips (high tide): 6/27 2pm, 7/11 12:30, 7/25 1pm, 7/31 5pm, 8/8 11pm, 8/15 5:30, 8/22 11:30
Explore the newly restored Muddy Creek by kayak. Led by experienced environmental scientists, participants will travel from Pleasant Bay into Muddy Creek to experience the effects of the multi-year bridge reconstruction and restoration project to restore tidal flow into Muddy Creek. Selected trips will have a bird specialist – check with science director. MEET AT JACKKNIFE COVE, at the head of Pleasant Bay. Please arrive a few minutes early. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes required. Tours may be canceled if winds are high. Check website for more information.
Limit 12 people

The Study and Identification of Birds – From Land and Water

Youth grades 6 – 9th
July 11 & 12 (other dates will be added)
8AM to 1PM
Cost: $110
Limit 6
Instructor: Peter Trull

During July and August, the open waters of Pleasant Bay, its adjacent salt marshes and outer beaches are teeming with birds. Several species of terns, including the federally endangered and rare roseate tern, are plunge diving for fish and feeding young in the open waters of Pleasant Bay. In this class, participants will observe behaviors and calls, as well as the identification of terns and gulls that feed in these open waters. In the salt marshes and on the tidal flats, sandpipers and plovers, some that nested here, including the rare piping plover and the raucous willet, and others that are migrating south from the arctic tundra, are feeding voraciously in the muddy substrate, finding invertebrates, from worms to crustaceans. Some rest on the sandy beaches with terns and gulls. This class is the ultimate in bird study and field natural history, led and taught by Peter Trull, a leading Field Naturalist and Ornithologist. In this two day field class, participants will observe and learn aspects of Nature that only occur through observation and sensory perception. Required: sunscreen, hat, water bottle, and solid shoes (no flip flops). Recommended: knapsack and long-sleeved shirt. Binoculars and small snack are provided.


The Art of Aquaculture Excursion NEW

Family 10 years and up
9AM – 12PM
July 28 and Aug 18
Cost: $60 adults, $40 students
Hop onboard our new Floating Classroom (a 37’ all-electric pontoon research vessel) for a hands-on introduction to aquaculture. Visit a locally owned oyster grant with “floating gear”, learn the basic of biology of oysters, quahogs, “steamers”, and bay scallops. Under microscopes, dissect and observe the delicate structures that allow food to be captured through the filter-feeding process. While transiting along the Pleasant Bay shoreline, learn about farming the sea and different techniques for raising shellfish here on Cape Cod. Tour the new PBCB upweller where we are raising baby quahogs and oysters. Complete the adventure with fresh raw oysters and lemonade once the vessel has returned to the dock. Shucking lessons included. Sweatshirt, refillable water bottle and solid water shoes required.
Limit 25 people


Week-long Programs:

Fins, Whiskers and Claws: The Lives and Haunts of Marine Animals in Pleasant Bay

Grades 5 – 11
July 23 – 27 (grade 5-8),
July 30 – Aug 3 (grade 8-11)
10 AM to 4 PM
Cost: $400 per week

Teacher: Lisa Sette, Owen Nichols, Dr. Agnes Mittermayr, Dr. Sarah Griscom, Terri Smith

Join Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) scientists aboard the new Floating Classroom (a 37’ all-electric pontoon research vessel) to explore the great diversity of marine wildlife and habitats within Pleasant Bay. The marine environment of Pleasant Bay is protected from the wind and waves of the Atlantic Ocean by a dynamic barrier beach and dune system. Students will shadow scientists and learn about the different tools and techniques used to study the ecology of this unique marine complex. Through hands on experience, students will be introduced to the plants, fish, mammals, invertebrates, geology and physical processes of this ecosystem. Experienced, visiting teachers will lead a shark dissection class and demonstrate how researchers tag the local shark population in southern New England. Students will leave with an increased awareness and understanding of the dynamic nature of Pleasant Bay and different approaches used to study such complex systems. Each day of these week-long programs will include some classroom time, journaling, boat based investigations, and beach activities. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, bag lunch, water bottle, and solid water shoes required.

Limit 12 students

Wild World of Wind, Waves and Water

Grades 5 – 9
August 6 – 10
10 AM to 4 PM
Cost $400
Megan Sullivan & Dr. Sarah Griscom

Explore the wild world of wind, waves, and water! Taught by an oceanographer and a marine physicist from PBCB. Learn about healthy waterways and how to measure the quality and chemistry of Pleasant Bay waters. How does Cape Cod’s fresh groundwater “float” atop salt water? How are wind turbine blades designed and why are they similar to bird wings and sails? Spend two fun afternoons sailing and exploring Pleasant Bay enjoying the power of the wind in nature. How are water waves and electromagnetic waves related to Chatham’s unique history? Visit Chatham Marconi Maritime Center and find out. Explore the wild world of wind, water, and waves on land and on sea, using the new Floating Classroom, sailboats, beach and field trips. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes required.
Limit 10 students.

The Art and Joy of Fly Fishing

Grades 5-10
July 9–13 beginner
July 16–20 intermediate
3:30PM to 8PM
Cost: $400 per week
Teacher: Eric McDuffie

Enter the magical world of fly fishing and learn all the skills you need to fish by fly rod for one or two wonderful weeks on Pleasant Bay. Enjoy beautiful afternoons by the bay and an evening motor boat adventure to discover a new location to fish, all the while surrounded by a rich array of coastal wildlife. Learn to tie flies, the art of the cast, the thrill of the catch, and the excitement of the tug-a-war as you carefully reel in your fish. Retrieve your catch, exchange eye contact, and release your new “best friend” back to its watery world. At once contemplative and exciting, fly-fishing is a rewarding experience and students will be “hooked for life”. Learn all about the unique Pleasant Bay ecosystem and bring home a few fish stories to share! A separate early morning excursion is available for parents/guardians – kids welcome to join (see below). All equipment included. Foul weather gear, sunscreen, hats, water bottle and solid water shoes required. Easy snack provided.
Limit 10 students.

The Art and Joy of Fly Fishing For Families NEW

Families, 10 years and up
July 13 and July 20 (Fri)
6AM – 9AM Floating Classroom
Cost: $60 adults, $30 students
Teacher: Eric McDuffie

Experience an early morning of fly fishing around the remote haunts of Pleasant Bay and learn some of the skills you need to fish by fly rod. Eric McDuffie will take you through the steps and share some deeper insights into how fish respond to a hand-made fly. All those who are lucky to snag a striper or bluefish will experience the proper care for humane catch and release techniques. Learn about the unique Pleasant Bay ecosystem and bring home a few fish stories to share! Personal equipment may be brought or use PBCB equipment. Sweatshirt, sunscreen, hat, water bottle and solid water shoes required.
Limit 16 students.