There is no power for change greater than a
community discovering what it cares about.

Join Today!

Become a full time boater without the expensive hassle of owning your own boat!  Or make PBCB your waterfront home away from home! Take a step towards that dream of learning to sail or advance your skills to the next level! Whatever your reasons for joining, you will find your place in our highly rated community.  Enjoy unlimited access to a stunning waterfront, go sailing every day, engage with our staff, instructors, members, and visitors, and relive the nostalgia of Pleasant Bay’s historic sailing camps.

With benefits such as waterfront access, community-oriented events, access to boat rentals, and discounted admission to our highly acclaimed sailing and marine education programs, our affordable membership program grants individuals and families access to unforgettable adventures on the water.

One might ask: why does PBCB have a membership structure if we are open to the public?  

Our answer is this: we are a community-based, non-profit organization run by an army of volunteers who seek to grant universal access to all.  And it’s true; our doors are open to everyone.  For a modest price to help cover administrative costs, such as boat maintenance, campus upkeep, and utilities, we offer a list of member benefits, detailed below.  Not only does a membership quickly pay for itself, it also affords others in the community the chance to fall in love with sailing and allows PBCB to continually uphold our mission of inclusivity. 

Join today and make the summer of 2020 the best yet for you and for others in our Cape community!



20% Discount on Summer Camp and all Learn to Sail Class Bundles for Youth and Adults

Access to Boat Rentals

Members may rent sunfish, kayaks, flying scots, catboats.  Flying scots and catboats are only available to experienced sailing members and  require a sailing skills check before rental. Our Boat Rental Program is offered 7 days a week, as boats are available. All boat renters are subject to a qualification review to ensure safety. Qualification reviews can be scheduled for an evening or pre-agreed upon time.  Boats may be rented for 2-3 hours.

Boat Rental Availability: 

Monday-Friday from 9:30 – 7 PM (all boats in by 7pm)

Saturday from 9:30 AM – 12 PM or 1 -4 PM

Sundays from 1 – 4 PM


Small Boat (Sunfish, 420, Laser) – $50 /boat 

Large Boat (Flying Scot, Catboat) – $65 / boat 

Kayak – $25 / hour

Boat Rental Card / $450 per season.

Offered only to PBCB members, our Boat Rental card is available for unlimited in-season access to boats, based on boat availability.

Participation in Friday Friendly Racing and BBQ : Our weekly Friday Friendly races on the Bay are a fun member community event and a great opportunity to practice racing skills in a laidback environment.  Advanced sailors may skipper and intermediate sailors may crew in this informal, friendly race series from 5pm-7pm. Bring your own food for BBQ, grill provided.  

Participation in Flotilla Day: Members and their families may skipper a boat or crew in this fun fleet gathering on the Bay.  Our fleet, your friends can sail together to various points in the Bay and just beyond. Bring a picnic. 

Full access to campus in the evening and on weekends : bring your picnic for a sunset dinner, stroll the beautiful grounds of our 3.6 acre campus, or come watch the young sailors master their skills.  Let PBCB be your daily dose of vitamin sea! You’ll find a community of ocean-loving conservationists with a passion for, sailing, Cape Cod, our oceans, education, and human- connection.


Military Membership

*Scholarships and memberships are available as an integral part of our mission to ensure sailing is accessible to all.