3.6 acres of waterfront property with a world of potential for our communities.

Majestic and pristine, Pleasant Bay hasn’t changed much over the years. But its coastline has. The bustling sailing camps that used to dot the waterline have been replaced by private homes. As public access to the shoreline has diminished, so has the community’s connection with the water. Yacht clubs still provide that opportunity – but only to a privileged few.

Believing the children in our communities needed a positive place to put their energy, and fueled by the desire to share their love of sailing and boating, a handful of volunteers founded Pleasant Bay Community Boating more than a decade ago with little more than a handful of boats and a pickup truck that served as an office.

Since then our fleet has grown, thousands of our students have experienced the confidence, skill, and joy of sailing, and it’s time to harness a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a campus that will better fit our mission and activities. The former McClennan estate is a 3.6-acre parcel of land on Pleasant Bay that came complete with a small beach, dock, boathouse, several dwellings and 750 feet of shoreline.

The new Pleasant Bay Community Boating campus will be a cornerstone of the community: a multi-generational gathering place for learning, research, recreation and stewardship of the Bay. We are partnering with major academic institutions for marine education, collaborating with community organizations for environmental research, building our programs to enhance recreational and learning opportunities for people with disabilities, and continuing our long tradition of access to, and care for, our shared natural treasure of Pleasant Bay.