Our dreams are as big as our bay is wide.

With your help, our campus is becoming a vibrant community hub for boating, environmental education, and bay stewardship. This is a community resource that is shared with residents and visitors to the Pleasant Bay region.

With a generous loan from the Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, PBCB acquired the McClennen property in late 2014. In less than six months, we raised more than $1 million necessary to secure the down payment and complete preliminary engineering, permitting, and construction projects.

We have now embarked on a full-scale 5-year capital campaign – Charting Our Course – to raise $4.8 million for acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, and repurposing our buildings, grounds, and facilities, and make possible the realization of our campus master plan for a multi-faceted community resource.

Since the campaign’s launch, we are continuing to raise additional funds through the generous support of foundations and donors, large and small. Our strategic plan to reach our campaign and operating budget goals includes additional revenue generated from expanded programs, grants, corporate support, foundation gifts, and facility partnerships with major academic institutions.

With philanthropic support from organizations and visionary individuals like you, we are creating a vibrant community resource that will enrich the lives of residents and visitors for generations to come.

Phase I (Completed): $1.6 Million Raised

  • Down payment for property acquisition
  • Architectural drawings and engineering plans for Hillside Center and Accessible Dock
  • Hillside Center renovation underway
  • New parking lot
  • New septic system
  • Master Plan for the campus (architectural design and drawings; engineering plans)
  • First year on new campus:  Memberships up 95%, Students Enrolled up 128%

Phase II (Fall 2017 until completion) Goal: $1.6 Million

  • Complete Hillside Center: interior and exterior construction, landscaping, and outfit equipment in building
  • Build Accessible Dock and Walkways
  • Conduct a needs analysis and create a plan for The Center for Pleasant Bay and The Boating Center
  • Pay off acquisition of property

Phase III (when Phase II is complete) Goal: $1.6 Million

  • Complete Center for Pleasant Bay
  • Complete Boating Center