b'NAVIGATOREASANT B Spring 2019 NewsletterP L A Y C O GM I NMUNITY BO TAPlease Join Message from the Executive DirectorUs in WelcomingAs my predecessor Charlie Sumner joyfully said, I never have a bad day at PBCB! In my short time here, I have come to our New appreciate and understand what Charlie means. Whether its Executive local teachers engaged in curriculum development on a frigid February morning, the Monomoy High School Sailing Team Directorbraving the elements to tame the sea, or Friends of Pleasant Bay hunkered down in our Hillside Conference Center toAs a passionate advocate preserve the integrity of this precious piece of the world, all for children and families withwho join us at PBCB leave more enriched. 19 years of experience asBringing people together is what we do. A one-of-a-kindChief Development Officerwaterfront campus that adjoins the towns of Brewster, for YMCA Cape Cod, PJHarwich and Orleans is where we do it. Sailing, kayaking Richardson joins PBCB as and marine education programs are how we do it. And the the new Executive Director.feelings that are evoked by finding kindred spirits and shared PJs strong background inpassions are why we do it. By definition, community is youth development, a feeling of fellowship with others that results from shared environmental education, attitudes, interests, and goals. I dont think there is a more adventure programming accurate word to describe Pleasant Bay Community Boating. and community outreachthat he will expertly guide Our community comes from people of different walks of life makes him a perfect fit forus to the next level.who all took different paths to get to this magical place. PBCB. Add to that his wealthWe hope youll give PJ aWith a deep appreciation for stewardship and the life lessons of experience in nonprofit warm welcome when youboating on the Bay offers, our PBCB family has a shared development and majorsee him this season! interest and a can do attitude about preserving the Bayfundraising, and we knowfor future generations and ensuring that everyone canparticipate. To this end, PBCB staff and volunteers work tirelessly. One of the most rewarding things we do is sharing the joy of being on the water with people of all abilities and PBCB by the Numbers backgrounds, while harnessing the many teachable moments that engage everyone in its infinite beauty.To all of my new friends who have welcomed me with open 50 Programs arms and warm hearts, thank you! To all of you who I have 603 Classesyet to meet, I look forward to our time together. To those 4,120Educational Experienceswho had the vision, talent, and desire to establish this special 537 Individuals served by free Community place, please know that I am humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to help navigate through these next Outreach Programscritical years in PBCBs development, development that will 60 Boats, sailboats, safety boats, kayaks and canoes ensure a brighter future for us all on Pleasant Bay. 75 Volunteers Warmly,600 MembersPJ Richardson, Executive Director'