Speaker Series April 26th 4:30pm

Growing Commercial Sugar Kelp in Nantucket Sound: Idea to Reality

Friday, April 26th, 4:30pm, Hillside Center on the PBCB Campus

Carl Douglass, Richard Curtiss, Jamie Bassett

Co-Owners & Co-Founders, Chatham Kelp, LLC

Farming the sea has come to Cape Cod! Come taste some of our newest fresh local produce! Learn about growing methods and the many benefits and uses of Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissimi). The kelp, a member of the brown algae family, grows in the cooler waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Barents Sea. The rapidly-growing plant, predominantly a winter crop, forms a narrow blade that can grow up to 15 feet long and 8 inches wide.

Kelp farming can help shellfish growers and fishing families diversify, while providing the public with a new, sustainable, and local seafood product. Sugar Kelp is eaten in casseroles and Asian dishes, and alginate, a byproduct, is used as a stabilizer or thickener in many common foods. The plant is rich in iodine, protein, calcium, and vitamin C.

For more information in advance of this event please visit: www.facebook.com/chathamkelp. Jamie, Carl and Richard are all Chatham fisherman. The three fellows developed the idea to start a kelp farm a few years ago as they were frustrated by increased fishing regulations, substantially depleted ocean stocks, and the recognized a win-win opportunity in kelp farming (winter revenue stream, natural nitrogen removal method, healthy food production). The new farm, set out in Nantucket Sound, is in it’s first season of operation. Jamie Bassett has also branched out and offers presentations on the culinary uses of invasive green crabs, a major pest-species in the shellfishing community. All three can be found on stormy days discussing business plans at the Chatham Squire.