Adult and Family Programs

Life is a little better out on the bay!


Whether you’re new to boating or it’s just been a while, there’s no time like the present to get back on the water. Our adult programs are taught in small groups in a variety of boats, and offer a welcoming environment to learn the basics, sharpen existing skills, or explore new interests. Adult programs are open to those 17 years and older.


Adult/Family Sailing Courses

Ages: 17+ 

Period: Weekly

The thrill and joy of sailing is right at your fingertips at PBCB! Our adult sailing programs grant the Cape community and its visitors the opportunity to experience our beautiful Pleasant Bay via a variety of sailboats.  Our classes are inclusive, affordable and focused on skills-progression, and all are led by our team of experienced, down-to-earth and (salt-of-the-earth) instructors. Whether you are new to sailing or you want to relive the nostalgia of sailing as a child, our adult programs offer you the chance to  learn (or relearn) the basics, sharpen your existing sailing skills, and explore the Cape waters, all while immersing and connecting to our amazing community.

We always aim to get you to the next level. Questions about how to assess your level?  Email Waterfront Director Tom Leach at

Level 1 Courses are designed for Beginners and Intermediate sailors looking for a good review.  An instructor will be in the boat with you and possibly one other participant.

Level 2 Courses have you skippering the boat on the water with your instructor coaching from a chase boat nearby.  This is a good fit for semi-independent sailors.  A few Level 2 lessons will give you the confidence you need to rent our boats on your own and/or progress to racing!

Level 3  Have you ever wanted to race, but are not sure where to start?  Our learn-to-race classes break down the basics for you, so you can learn the rules of the road with no pressure.  Try a Flying Scot or 420 with one of our friendly instructors there to guide you.  

Catboat Learn-to-Sail Course:  Catboat lessons are blocks of 4 days Tuesday through Friday or four Saturdays. We have up to 4 lesson boats with instructors available for each day. Our goal: to create an informative and hands on learning experience for adults of all levels of sailing and seamanship and to encourage confidence and independence at the helm.

Flying Scot Learn-to-Sail Course:  Flying Scot lessons are blocks of 5 days Monday through Friday.  The Flying Scot is an excellent learning boat for adults of all levels, with a main and a jib and a simple rope halyard.

Simply Sailing Private evening sailing excursion for you or your family.  No pressure, enjoy the ride with one of our instructors and participate as much or as little as you like.  

Catboat Learn-to-Sail Course

Level 1

Tuesday – Friday  10AM-12:30PM

Saturday (4 sessions) 9:30AM-noon



Learn-to-Sail (Flying Scot or Sunfish)

Level 1

Monday – Friday 4:30-7PM    $375
Learn-to-Sail (Flying Scot or Sunfish)

Level 2

Monday, Wednesday 4:30-7PM   $150
Learn to Race

Level 3

Tuesday, Thursday 1:30-4PM   $150
Simply Sail Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 4:30-7PM

Sat , Sun 1-3:30PM




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