The water is a classroom for lifelong learning

Youth Sailing | Ages 6-17 | 


Youth sailing lessons are the heart of our program.   We provide a fun environment in which to learn wind direction, maneuver a boat, take ownership over decisions, and become a leader on the water.   Our sailing program is built on skills-progression, so please enroll in the appropriate level for your child’s current age and abilities.  Your child must have reached the minimum age for enrollment by start date of their program.  


Level 1: Beginning and Intermediate | Ages 6+

Monday-Friday 9:30am-12pm  $375

Flying Scots and Sunfish: Beginning sailors will start sailing with an instructor in our Flying Scots using the mainsail only, to learn to steer and control the boat.  Learning then moves to the Sunfish once they are comfortable handling the tiller and controlling the boat.  *Skill Up class

Level 2: Intermediate and Experienced | Ages 8+

Mon, Wed, Fri 1:00pm-3:30pm  $225

Sunfish: This class teaches independence in the Sunfish.  Sailors will learn safety drills, such as the capsize drill, in addition to continued shore school.  *Skill Up class


Level 3:  Intermediate and Experienced | Ages 8-12

Tue, Thurs  1:00pm-3:30pm  $150

Opti Fleet:  For sailors who can steer and control a boat and have learned the capsize drill, the Optis can expand their abilities and independence on the water.  These sessions will teach rules of the road and fleet racing with the goal of learning basic team racing, 3 on 3.  Opti’s comfortably accomodate a person under 5’5″ and 120lbs.   *Skill Up class


Level 4:  Experienced | Ages 10+

Mon, Wed, Fri  1:00-3:30pm  $225

Kids Messing About in Boats (KMAB): For independent young sailors who can steer and control a boat independently, have mastered the capsize drill, and swim confidently.  KMAB is a supervised exploration on the water where sailors go on their own adventure, make their own decisions, and learn the importance of team collaboration. who relish a diversity of boating experiences


Level 4:  Racing and Advanced Boat Handling Skills | Ages 13+

Tuesday, Thursday 1:00-3:30pm  $150

420 Sailing and Racing:  For experienced and ambitious teen skippers who are already competent in a Sunfish and can maneuver and control a boat confidently, capsize safely and handle breeze of 12 knots or more.  Students sailing the 420 learn basic double-handed techniques such as roll tacking. 420 skippers often participate in the local race series in a fun teen atmosphere.  


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Sailing and Science Summer Camp | Little Kids 6-9 / Big Kids 10-14

Monday – Friday 9am-3:30pm

June 28 –  August 27, 2021  $600/week


What could be better than a sailing and science-based outdoor summer camp that balances education and recreation?    Campers will explore the natural wonders on our waterfront shoreline and the Bay, with the guidance and care of our experienced summer camp staff alongside local experts and scientists.  All summer campers will enjoy a hands-on curriculum of science blended with the adventures of learning to sail. Campers will make lifelong friends and form bonds with our wonderful counselors and sailing instructors!

Our sailing program offers progressive sailing skills learning in a variety of boats.  From steering for the first time with the help of an instructor to practicing capsize drills and self-rescuing, sailors of all ages will have opportunities to learn at their pace.  They will also participate in informal, fun races.

For Science education, PBCB staff works in collaboration with experts from the Center for Coastal Studies to offer a unique and engaging curriculum centered on marine biology. Campers explore and observe marine wildlife and learn the relationship between human activities on land and respective impacts on the ocean. 

Our Sailing and Science Summer Camp program pairs discovery science and exploration with sailing. Campers will make aquariums, observe seals, care for baby oysters in an upweller, build and race cardboard boats, sail and boat to the islands in Pleasant Bay, use microscopes, measure phytoplankton levels, practice kayaking and rowing, rig boats, use a beach seine, observe marine habitats and wildlife.



NEW this year:  How do we track your child’s skill progression? 

US Sailing – “Skill Up”


Starting the summer 0f 2021 PBCB will be enrolling approximately 110 students into the US Sailing “Skill Up” digital platform for instruction. With a mobile app for our instructors and students, and a website dashboard for our directors and leaders, Skill Up provides a paperless, touch-free connection for everyone at PBCB.


The Skill Up App brings US Sailing’s instructional resources to the fingertips of our instructors and students. Built to support US Sailing’s skill development curriculum, the Skill Up App provides US Sailing members with access to skill tracking, instructional videos, and teaching resources.


The new Skill Up Dashboard website gives program leaders a powerful administrative tool. PBCB’s Skill Up Dashboard connects to our instructors and students via the app.  This will give us the ability to organize and manage classes, send push notifications, and record important information such as student attendance, learning progress, and level of skill.

Skill Up App features

  • Skill Tracking – As students learn different onshore and skills our instructors will record their new skills in the app. The student’s skill progress is saved by US Sailing, and accessible to students and parents through the app. When a student changes classes or starts at a new organization, their skill progress automatically stays with them.
  • Instructional Resources – Our PBCB instructors will have access to a library of drills, games, activities, sample lesson plans, and a lesson builder tool.
  • Attendance – Instructors will be able record attendance on the app. No more paper attendance sheets!

Skill Up Dashboard features

  • The dashboard will connect program leaders to the learning environment in a new way, helping us manage students and staff more efficiently,
  • It will also allow us to create “sessions” and “classes” to fit our program structure, and view skill progress and attendance for each class.
  • Send push notifications and bulk emails to students and/or instructors, allowing for quick, direct communication.

The goal of the “Skill Up” model is to promote lifelong sailing in a variety of sailing disciplines, from first time sailors to experienced racers, and provide a skill development path for every participant


US Sailing recommends that sailors have the opportunity to try different boat types and sailing disciplines. By gaining experience and building confidence in a variety of watercraft, young sailors are better prepared to take advantage of new sailing opportunities in the future.